Parrot profile / information  Sheet – 3 PAGES


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Should your parrot require hospitalization or boarding, provide this form to the clinic or bird sitters. The answers to these questions could be valuable when consulting for medical and behavioral concerns.  It can also be very useful if you ever have to re-home your bird.  The complex nature of these birds should not be limited to these questions.  We encourage you to add as much information as possible.  Keep all your bird documents together in a folder.  Add photos, DNA test certificates, vet records, vaccination records and other health related documents.  Fill out as much as you can.  Anything you can provide is helpful.   Some questions may not be applicable.


Date:  ___________________   Parrot’s Name: _____________________  Age: _______ approx/known (circle one)

Species: _________________________________        Type: _________________________________________

Unknown?  Describe coloring/sizing: ____________________________________________________________

Band# ____________________ opened/closed (circle one).    Aviary State (if known): ____________________

Other specific Physical Characteristics for identification: ____________________________________________


Where did you obtain this parrot? ________________________  Do you have proof of ownership? Yes (   )  No (  )

Microchip# _______________ chip manufacturer __________________  Name of clinic who did the install:____________________.  Release of information: (signature here allows new owner to transfer microchip information from your information to their contact information) _________________________________________

Breeder Information: ______________________ Neonate diet fed: ________________ Hand fed? _____________

Captive Bred? Yes (   )No(    )   Wild Caught?  Yes(    )No (    )

Imported (if applicable): Country of Origin ___________________Hatch Date:______________   unknown (   )

Sex:   Male (    )  Female (    )  Unknown (    ).  If unknown, what do you think he/she is:  _____________________.

Sexing Method:  Sexual Dimorphism (coloring) (    ), DNA (    ), Surgical Sexing (    )

History (source, previous owners, quarantine periods, previous exposure to birds that are now deceased, etc). 




Average Weight: ___________  g/lb

Tested for:  Polyoma Virus (    )  Pacheco’s virus (    )  Psittacosis Chlamydia (    )  PBFD (    ) Herpes Virus (    )

Do you have annual CBC blood work done on this bird and if yes, from what clinic? ________________________

Any notes regarding results (ie typical low white blood count etc) _______________________________________


Diet:  Provide as much detail as possible (quantity eaten, brands, frequency offered, etc)

Formulated Diet (Pellets): ____________________________________________________________    % ______

Grain: ____________________________________________________________________________   %  ______

Fruits/Veggies: ______________________________________________________________________ % ______

Supplements (Vitamin’s/Calcium) _______________________________________________________ % ______

Seeds/Nuts and Source (where do you get them): ___________________________________________ %  ______


Water source and quality (ie:  bottled water?  Well water?  Tap water? ) __________________________________

Is this parrot trained to drink from a bottle  (    )  bottle cap from the hand (    )  Other: ________________________

If on well water, do/did you perform annual tests on water quality? Yes (    )  No (    ) 


Does your parrot have a cage mate Yes (    )   No (    ).  If yes, since when:  Date  _______/_______/_______.

Were/Are they reproductively active?  Yes (    )  No (    ).  

Are there other birds in your household or were there other birds in your household that this bird was exposed to and if yes, please specify relationship and why they are no longer together or being split up: __________________________



Primary Cage Dimensions this parrot is used to living in:  Length: _________  Width _______  Height _________

Manufacturer of Cage ___________________  Other cage (ie: outdoor or sleeping cages that this bird is used to?)

_________________________________________.  Describe Play stands or activity centers this bird is used to: _________________________________________.   Describe how to get them to flap their wings and play: _____________________________________________________________________________________________.

Types of Perches they are used to (circle types):  Wood - Rope – Concrete – Wooden Dowel – Plastic -  All Types.

Any aversions to any particular type that you are aware of (that they don’t like) ______________________________.

Exposition to natural sunlight:  Yes  (    )  No (    )  Full Spectrum Lighting?  Yes (   )  No (    )  Hours: ____________.

Number of hours of undisturbed sleep per night: ____________  Number of hours or daytime nap: ______________.

Is the cage covered for the night:   Yes (    )   No (    )   Were you consistent in this and what time is bed time ___________________.   Does this bird have night frights? ________________  Nightlight? ___________________.

Does your parrot get showered, misted or bathed?  Yes (    )   No (    )  And if yes, describe frequency and method: ______________________________________________________________________________________________.

Access outside of cage:   Unsupervised (    )   Supervised (    )  Prone to Destruction? Yes (    )    No (     ).  Likes to hang out where in the home if not in cage: ____________________________________________________________.

Do you use any of the following in your home (circle which ones)   Detergents  -  Non-stick pans -  scented candles – glade air fresheners – Lysol – Perfume – Nicotine.

Is there any chance this parrot could have been exposed to any toxic plants that you are aware of (in example, dieffenbachia, ivy, poinsettias, etc)    Yes (    )   No (    )   Unknown (    )   Not sure what is toxic  (    ).


Medical History:  Check the following if your parrot has previously encountered and required medical attention for:

____  Respiratory Problems

____ Allergic Reactions

____  Cloacal Papillomas

____ Egg Binding or related peritonitis

____ Fractures

____ Bumble Foot/Toe amputations

____ Parasitic Infections

____ Bacterial Infections

____ Intoxication/Toxic Poisoning

____ Feather Plucking/Feather Destruction

____ Skin Disorder

____  Ear Infection

____ Eye Infection

____ Fungal Infection

____ Trauma

____ Other: _____________________________________________________________________________________


Which Avian Veterinarian clinic have you consulted: __________________________  Did you use a specific vet? And if so, what is their name _____________________________.  Annual Visits?  Yes (   )   No (    ).  Do you agree to release any and all information on file relative to this bird to the new owner?  Signature here authorizes medical records release to new owner: _________________________  (date)  ____________.


Behavior and Character Traits:

Biting   Yes (    )   No (     )   Frequency:  rarely – occasional – frequently – mostly.    Describe when biting normally occurs if you can: _______________________________________________________________________________.

Screaming:  Degree and frequency ____________________________________________.   If screaming occurs, please, to the best of your knowledge, describe why or when you think they are _______________________________


Talking Abilities:  Yes (    )   No (    ) Number of words ________________  Vocabulary:  ______________________



Language(s) understood/speaks: ___________________________

Toilette Trained?  Yes (   )    No (     )   Specify where (cage door, parrot stand, etc) ____________________________.

Does he have an outdoor flight cage or do you bring your cage outdoors in the summer?  Yes (    )   No (    )

Do you use a harness or flight suit:  Yes (    )   No (    )   Specify which: ____________________________________.

Are flight feathers trimmed:  Frequency and degree:  ____________________________________________________.

Does he/she perform tricks?  Explain: ________________________________________________________________


Behavior around children… good?  Scared?  Comment: _________________________________________________

Any thing else that you would like to add: _____________________________________________________________.

Is there any thing you can think of that frightens this parrot? ______________________________________________.

Are you aware of any prior abuse this parrot has been exposed to? _________________________________________>