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TUE, OCT 3, 2017
Educational Meeting
Pasta Sauce Cook-Off and Potluck

SAT, OCT 28, 2017
Board Meeting at Kaladi Brothers, 6921 Brayton Dr, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, NOV 7, 2017
Educational Meeting

SAT, NOV 25, 2017
Board Meeting at Kaladi Brothers, 6921 Brayton Dr, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, DEC 5, 2017
Holiday Potluck and Club Elections


Training/Socialization Perch
Courtesy of Kim Hovey

I've searched the Net for a perch to use for training. My Amazon wouldn't stay on a tabletop perch; she likes the table better! All the floor perches I found were too high for me to use as I am disabled and need to train sitting in a chair by the perch.

So, I built my own! I also wanted to use it for my macaws, so it is built for the larger birds.

It is similar to the shower perch shown on your website, but the base is turned 90 degrees for stability, and I wrapped the perch area in sisal rope for non-slip traction (and something to chew on!) I also added a treat/water dish that is easily removed. The entore assembly breaks down easily into eight parts for transport or storage. It sets up or knocks down in 2-3 minutes.

What you will need:

  • 14' PVC pipe (diameter to suit your bird)
    NOTE: I used 1-1/4" so I could also use it with my 2 new macaws. The perch is about 1-3/4" wrapped in rope.
  • 5 90-degree PVC elbows
  • 3 PVC "T" joints
  • 1/4" Sisal Rope - about 40' or so (I wrapped very tightly!)
    NOTE: you can also use medical wrap or hemp, anything safe for the birds and to add traction
  • Cage-Clamp food dish (mine twists off for easy cleaning)
  • PVC primer and epoxy
  • TiteBond II wood glue for the rope (FDA approved - safe)
  • 1/4" Drill
  • 1/4" bolt with (2) nuts and washer

Cut PVC pipe as follows:

  • 2 36" pieces
  • 3 18" pieces
  • 4 12" pieces
  • 1 6" piece (for dish)

ASSEMBLY (see photos for direction of connectors)
Using PVC epoxy adhesive, glue ONLY the items listed below:

  • Attach one elbow and 1 "T" joint to the ends of one 18" piece for perch
  • Attach two elbows to the ends of two 18" pieces for base ends
  • Attach two 12" pieces to one "T" joint for base side
  • Repeat this for other base side

Place 6" PVC piece in "T" joint on the end of the perch
DO NOT glue!

Mark just above the "T" on the 6" piece for drilling the hole. Remove "T" and drill.

Attach clamp-on bowl to 6" piece where hole is drilled. I used a nut to hold the bolt in place in the tube before attaching the bowl itself. I also used a twist-off bowl so I don't have to remove the bracket to clean it. (Petco has them.)

Wrap the perch area. Start with a thin layer of TiteBond II glue on the pipe. Wrap tightly with the sisal rope (or other traction item), adding a bit of glue between the ropes on the bottom side of the perch about every 2-3". Finish off on the bottom side with the glue at the other end. Allow to dry at least 24 hours.


  • Connect the two base sides (with the "T") to the base ends (18" with elbows)
  • Insert the two 36" uprights into the base "T" joints
  • Add the top perch and the dish post

Completed stand, about 38-40" tall


Blue Front Amazon SALEM loves her new perch!
She enjoys talking to us when we are in the pool!


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