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SAT, JAN 25, 2020
Board Meeting at Kaladi Brothers Coffee, 621 W 6th Ave, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, FEB 4, 2020
Educational Meeting
Movie Night

SAT, FEB 22, 2020
Board Meeting, Anchorage location TBA, 10-Noon

TUE, MAR 3, 2020
Educational Meeting

SAT, MAR 28, 2020
Board Meeting, Anchorage location TBA, 10-Noon

TUE, APR 7, 2020
Educational Meeting

SAT, APR 25, 2020
Board Meeting, Anchorage location TBA, 10-Noon

TUE, MAY 5, 2020
Educational Meeting

SAT, MAY 16, 2020
"Reading Rendezvous" on the Loussac Library lawn 12-4pm

SAT, MAY 17, 2020
"Migratory Bird Day" at the Alaska Zoo 11-5pm

SAT, MAY 23, 2020
Board Meeting, Anchorage location TBA, 10-Noon

TUE, JUN 2, 2020
Educational Meeting

SAT, JUN 27, 2020
Board Meeting, Anchorage location TBA, 10-Noon

SAT, JUN 27, 2020
Bird Club Picnic, Abbott Park, 11AM-3PM

TUE, JUL 7, 2020

SAT, JUL 25, 2020
Board Meeting, Anchorage location TBA, 10-Noon

TUE, AUG 4, 2020
Educational Meeting

SAT, AUG 22, 2020
Board Meeting, Anchorage location TBA, 10-Noon

TUE, SEP 1, 2020
Educational Meeting

SAT, SEP 26, 2020
Board Meeting, Anchorage location TBA, 10-Noon

TUE, OCT 6, 2020
Educational Meeting

SAT, OCT 24, 2020
Board Meeting, Anchorage location TBA, 10-Noon

TUE, NOV 3, 2020
Educational Meeting

SAT, NOV 21, 2019
Board Meeting, Anchorage location TBA, 10-Noon

TUE, DEC 1, 2020
Holiday Potluck and Board Elections

SAT, DEC 26, 2020
Board Meeting, Anchorage location TBA, 10-Noon


TUE, JAN 5, 2021
Educational Meeting


Newsletter Information
Club Information  •   Newsletter Information  •   Forms and Documents


The Alaska Bird Club (TABC) will print and distribute a monthly newsletter to provide its membership and the community at large educational information related to the care and husbandry of companion parrots. TABC will provide limited funding support for printing, mailing, and distribution of its newsletter.


The purpose of this page is to describe the newsletter components, criteria, and conditions for acceptance of articles, information that would be acceptable for inclusion in the TABC newsletter, appropriate advertising parameters for vendors, and distribution process.


All materials for publication must be submitted to the Newsletter Editor for review by the 15th of the month prior to the month the article is intended to be published. The ABC Newsletter is formatted and content reviewed for any potential copyright infringements, spelling errors, or inaccuracies. The Newsletter Editor will seek written authorization to publish copyright protected articles or photographs.

Bird-of-the-Month articles and accompanying photos should be submitted by the designated person for that particular month by the deadline identified above. The ABC Newsletter Editor will make necessary changes to submitted articles related to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure errors. If no articles or photos are submitted, that space will be utilized for educational information based on the membership survey results from the most recent Membership Survey, member suggestions, monthly educational training topics, and so on.

General Newsletter Component Categories

  • General club contact information: Meeting times/locations, address, e-mail, Board Member roster, Mission Statement
  • Bird-of-the-Month
  • Summary of TABC Meetings
  • Committee updates: Treasurer's Report, Adopt-A-Bird, Lost/Found-Rescue
  • Educational information/articles from sources such as: AAV, avian related websites, avian related magazines, individual contributors
  • General articles related to a variety of topics such as: Environmental enhancement, toys, activities, safety, nutrition, health, topics of interest as identified in the annual Member Survey or by member suggestion
  • Vendor and classified ads
  • Acknowledgements

    The content of article submissions, event announcements, classified ads, or advertisements must be consistent with the Mission Statement of The Alaska Bird Club. Articles, event announcements, classified ads, or advertisements that present information that is inaccurate, unsafe or not consistent with established practices of avian husbandry will not be accepted for publication. The length of submitted articles, event announcements, classified ads, or advertisements must also fit within the space requirements of the ABC Newsletter and not result in the need for increased postage. The ABC Newsletter Editor makes these determinations. If the submitter of an article, event announcement, classified ad, or advertisement does not agree with the decision of the Newsletter Editor, the submitter may make a written request of the Newsletter Editor decision of the TABC Board of Directors at the next scheduled TABC Board meeting. The Board will review the request and accompanying submission and issue a written decision. The decision of the Board is final.

    Advertising Rates and Conditions

  • Donors of goods, services or cash totaling $50 or more per month will be allowed up to 1 free, full page per newsletter per month
  • Classified listings of items for sale are free for paid TABC members. Non-members classified ads are $20.00 per ad, per newsletter. Classified listings must be no more than 10 lines, total
  • Full Page: $50.00 per monthly newsletter
  • 1/2-Page: $30.00 per monthly newsletter
  • 1/4-Page: $15.00 per monthly newsletter
  • Business Card: $7.50 per monthly newsletter
  • Advertisements are limited to 1 paid ad, regardless of size per person, per event, per organization, per newsletter
  • Advertisements may be submitted for publication but must fit within the "available space" requirements of the Newsletter for the particular month the advertisement is to run
  • Advertisements must be paid for in full and submitted by the submission deadline identified previously
  • In situations where there is not enough space to allow for the inclusion of event announcements, classified ads, or advertisements, the Newsletter Editor would notify the requesting submitter and TABC Treasurer so that a refund can be issued

    Production and Distribution

    TABC Newsletters are printed and mailed to current TABC members. TABC Newsletters are hand distributed by volunteers to various veterinary clinics, businesses, and store locations identified in the TABC Newsletter. The numbers of TABC Newsletters left at these locations may vary based on demand. TABC Newsletters are also placed in new member packets.

    The TABC Board will make every effort to solicit printing from companies as a charitable donation. Printing companies that donate their services will have written acknowledgement in the Newsletter and on the TABC website.

    Note: All current members should be receiving these newsletters in the mail. If you are not, please notify The Alaska Bird Club.

    Distribution Locations:

    All Creatures Veterinary Clinic
    Mi 7.4 Palmer-Wasilla Hwy

    Alaska Mill and Feed
    1501 E 1st Ave

    Alaska Pet-ography
    9130 Elim St (on Abbot across from Fred Meyer)

    Animal Food Warehouse
    Mile 37.7 Parks Hwy Loop

    Animal Food Warehouse
    7941 Brayton Dr

    Chester Valley Veterinary
    1571 Muldoon Rd

    College Village
    2036 E Northern Lights Blvd

    Hillside Pet Clinic
    2101 Abbott Rd #1

    Northern Lights Animal Clinic
    2002 W Benson Blvd

    8621 Old Seward Hwy

    Pet Emergency
    2320 E Dowling Rd

    The Animal House
    219 E International Airport Rd

    The Pet Stop
    1921 W Dimond Blvd

    Valley Feed and Seed
    16946 N. Eagle River

    VCA Alaska Pet Care
    3900 Lake Otis Pkwy

    VCA Alpine Animal Hospital
    12531 Old Seward Hwy

    VCA Eagle River Animal Hospital
    11710 Business Blvd.

    VCA E Anch. Animal Hospital
    2639 Boniface Pkwy



    The Alaska Bird Club • P.O. Box 101825 • Anchorage AK 99510