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Bird of the Month: September 2008

Duncan, Miracle and Ricky Rascal

By Cindy Welbourne

This is a much shortened version of how Miracle, a baby green cheeked conure came to be.

Miracle’s mom, Duncan was an only conure for several years. Her mate, Merlin accidentally caused a spinal cord injury to Duncan. I thought I would lose her, but she rebounded just in time to help Merlin pass on from a compromised system.

Duncan got a new mate, Ricky Rascal, a much younger bird. They laid eggs and one hatched, but the baby died within a day. Ricky is really protective of Duncan and the next round of eggs; he refused to let her out of the nest box. The box was taken away and Duncan was nursed back to health again.

Two years later, they mated constantly and broke several eggs. I decided to separate the pair. Two days later, Duncan laid an egg. I let her keep it and she laid 2 more infertile eggs. Incredibly, the first egg hatched. Duncan was separated from Ricky and would have to do this alone. She started getting warm food twice a day so she wouldn’t have to leave the box. She fed this tiny baby and he eventually emerged from the nest.

Miracle and Mom. Miracle won’t give up the perch!

I don’t know if Miracle is a boy or a girl, but being almost 6 months old, Miracle appears to be taking after Duncan who is on the small side for Conures. Miracle lives in his own cage and is just now being trained to be held and to use a harness. He is gentle, and beautiful, and the first baby bird I have ever had. He plays on his back with toys and likes to sleep that way also.

Hopefully Miracle will become a gentle socialized bird. He is a blur of activity, entertaining himself for hours, chasing balls and swinging around his cage. I won’t let Duncan hatch out any more eggs as she just turned 11. Miracle was truly her last try at motherhood.



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