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SAT, SEP 23, 2017
Board Meeting at Kaladi Brothers, 6921 Brayton Dr, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, OCT 3, 2017
Educational Meeting
Sauce Cook-Off

SAT, OCT 28, 2017
Board Meeting at Kaladi Brothers, 6921 Brayton Dr, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, NOV 7, 2017
Educational Meeting

SAT, NOV 25, 2017
Board Meeting at Kaladi Brothers, 6921 Brayton Dr, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, DEC 5, 2017
Holiday Potluck and Club Elections


Bird of the Month: February 2008
Old Guy

Hello, my name is Ol’Guy., I am a15 year old male Serinus Mozambicus. Some of my family can live to be 20 years old or older. I was adopted by David and Susan Allen after my Mom died last year. I used to live in her beauty shop. Now I live in a wonderful space with a lot Finches, Diamond Doves and Button Quail for friends.

Some of the other names I am also known by are; Green Singer Finch, Mozambique Serin, or Yellow-fronted Canary. My family originated in the semi-arid scrub and forest regions of Central Africa. We are related to the wild Canary and will do well in a mix aviary, but it is not wise to house us with other serians. Male Green Singers are known to be aggressive to each other, and have hybridized with other serian species. My sisters look a lot like me, but are duller overall and have a small line of gray feathers around the throat that looks like a necklace. The females also do not sing. We prefer open areas during the day to forage on grass seeds, herbaceous plants, shrubs, and insects, and roosting in the dense foliage at night. Don’t forget the water, my family loves to take bathes. Personally, I love to eat baby salad greens, sprouted bird seed mix, and small Meal Worms.

Right now I live in a cage twice the size I had and I have been told as my wings get stronger I will be move into a wider cage. When I am ready I will make my final move into the large flight where most of my friends live. I also have Budgies and Collard Doves for next door neighbors and flock of Cockatiels who live across the room form us.

Before I came to live here, I had been so quiet my foster though I was a strange kind of finch. I do not think I was here 5 minutes listening to everyone’s singing that I just had to start singing also! I am still singing, this is a great place to live out my senior years.

Thanks to the internet, and other interested humans, Susan was able to learn more about who I am.



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