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SAT, SEP 23, 2017
Board Meeting at Kaladi Brothers, 6921 Brayton Dr, Anchorage, 10-Noon

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SAT, OCT 28, 2017
Board Meeting at Kaladi Brothers, 6921 Brayton Dr, Anchorage, 10-Noon

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Board Meeting at Kaladi Brothers, 6921 Brayton Dr, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, DEC 5, 2017
Holiday Potluck and Club Elections


Bird of the Month: September 2007

By bird club member (and cockatoo slave) Lin Westgard

Please meet Casper Englesmith Westgard! Casper is a male Umbrella Cockatoo aka the Cacatua Alba. He is 8 years old and lives with a Lesser Sulphur Crested cockatoo named Elliot, a cockatiel named Peter and a human slave named Lin Westgard. He was born in California by a breeder that used to believe in hand feeding chicks. He now believes in parent-raised chicks and has stopped breeding birds all together. Like the Mullocan cockatoo, breeding of this particular species is highly discouraged as there are so many ending up in sanctuaries. They are probably the most difficult species to house properly in our living rooms. They need so much more.

Umbrella Cockatoos, like many other parrots require a lot of toys to keep them mentally stimulated and busy. I often sit for hours on any given weekend and make my own toys. Because they forage for food in the wild, I must come up with creative ideas to “hide” food, such as wrapping a nut up in a tamale skins or boxes and make him “find” the treat and they chew through a lot of the heavier wooden toys. Psychologically, it is important for them to be stimulated and challenged. It takes a strong commitment from an owner to keep up the diligence it takes to keep them busy. The reward is a healthy and happy bird that plays with you and becomes your companion for life! If not kept up, this species is prone to feather plucking and screaming. Casper enjoys going on outings and showing off for his mom’s friends. Here are his stats:

  • They are originally from the Moluccan islands off of Indonesia.

  • They are a large white bird with yellow coloring under the wings and tail. The white crest is very large and white. Small females weigh as little as 400g, and large males as much as 700g.

  • Can range from 18- 20 Inches tall.

  • Lifespan: 80 years or greater. Vocabulary: 20-50 words

  • Very loud, tends to call their flock morning and evening. Not suitable for living in apartments or condos. Most are at 80-125 decibels daily.

  • Very needy birds. Also known as the "velcro bird." They are also social birds and like a lot of human interaction. Mentally they are equal to a 5 year old. Physically they are equal to a 2-3 year old. Very mechanically inclined. Can escape from most cages. These are very intelligent and FUN birds, but can hurt people with their strong bite. Must be supervised at all times.

  • Can have a hormonal change at about 7 years of age that requires extra care and attention. This can also alter their personalities from "cuddly" to needing extra attention. They can be very territorial.


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