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TUE, OCT 3, 2017
Educational Meeting
Pasta Sauce Cook-Off and Potluck

SAT, OCT 28, 2017
Board Meeting at Kaladi Brothers, 6921 Brayton Dr, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, NOV 7, 2017
Educational Meeting

SAT, NOV 25, 2017
Board Meeting at Kaladi Brothers, 6921 Brayton Dr, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, DEC 5, 2017
Holiday Potluck and Club Elections


Bird Care: Veterinarians
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The following list of clinics have vets which have indicated an interest or a specialty in avian care. This is not a complete list but is meant to help you find an avian vet. Ask your vet if they are experienced in bird care. If they are not, find one who is.

Birds should have an annual vet check-up and blood work done to provide early detection of avian disease. Birds will hide illness and can be sick with no apparent signs. Also, birds can be carriers of very contagious avian diseases. If you have other birds at home, this could be a problem. Sometimes stress to a bird will allow a disease to take hold and make the bird ill.

If your birds are vet checked annually it allows people to more readily accept your bird into their homes in the event you have to relocate your birds (emergencies, house painting, travel, and so on).


Avian Specialty Veterinary Services of Alaska
Scott L Ford, DVM, Dip. ABVP-Avian
PO Box 404, Oakley, CA 94561
(360) 271-7000


College Village Animal Clinic
Dr. Basler
2036 E. Northern Lights Blvd., Anchorage
(907) 274-5623

Diamond Animal Hospital
Dr. Doty
2545 E. Tudor Rd., Anchorage
(907) 562-8384

Hillside Pet Clinic
Dr. Bluestone
Dr. Frederickson
2101 Abbot Rd. #1, Anchorage
(907) 344-7913

Pet Emergency Treatment, Inc. (PET)
2320 E. Dowling Road, Anchorage
(corner of Lake Otis and Dowling)
(907) 274-5636.
NOTE: Pet Emergency Treatment may not always be able to provide care to parrots and other birds. Please call first and verify their ability to treat birds before going there.

The Pet Stop
Dr. Riley Wilson
1921 W. Dimond Blvd., Suite # 108, Anchorage
(907) 522-1006

Eagle River

Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Lorelei Cuthbert
11525 Old Glenn Hwy, Eagle River
(907) 694-9665


Peninsula Veterinary Services
Dr. Nybakken
(907) 260-5850
(will do "barn" calls)


Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital
800 College Rd., Fairbanks
(907) 452-6104



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