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We meet on the first Tuesday of every month from
at the
Serendipity Adult Day Services

3550 East 20th Ave

(We love your birds, but please don't bring them to our meetings. We usually have a bird of the month already attending. Thanks!)

Bird of the Month
March 2006

Paris and Pharen, the Lories

Hello! My name is Paris. I am a 1 1/2 year old Yellow Backed Chattering Lory and this is my best friend Pharen. He is a 3 1/2 year old Green Naped Rainbow Lory. If it weren’t for Pharen, I wouldn’t be here in this lovely place Mom calls ‘It’s cold!’ You see, Pharen was always a kinda strange little lory. He really loved Mom, but she was sad because he just sat around and never played. He had no tail and no flight feathers when she got him and just didn’t seem to be able to grow them. He didn’t know to act like a bird! After trying a bunch of different approaches Mom decided to try and find a companion that could try and teach him the ropes! She did some research and eventually settled on me! So after a long three month wait I showed up at the airport – I was very happy to see my Mom after that long scary flight because she knew my name! Anyways, after spending sometime with Pharen, we grew to like each other so much that we moved in together! He finally started learning how to play with our toys and he even grew in all his flight feathers!

Now, for a little about lories (who happen to be very special birds indeed!) We originate from Australia, New Zealand and the Polynesian Islands. Although there has been a lot of argument lately, we are, for the moment, considered to be a part of the parrot (or Psittacidae) family… we are not soft bills like the toucans. The strange thing is that we don’t eat seeds – we can’t because the musculature in our gizzards isn’t strong enough to digest them. Even though we find them tasty, a regular seed diet could kill within a matter of weeks! Instead we enjoy a diet solely consisting of nectar, fruit, veggies, pollen and various flowers. We even have special “brush” tongues that help us get all the good stuff… In the wild we are responsible for pollinating the flowers that those funny things that buzz and sting you don’t! The only problem that humans seem to have with our diet is that it makes us extra messy (hehe…we think its just FUN! FUN! FUN!) We love to fling our food everywhere! And when we are all done we make lots of fun watery poops just so Mom can say, “oh, that’s yucky!”

Speaking of Mom, our favorite pastimes with her are snuggling under the covers, preening her, and if she’s in a really good mood, we try to sneak in some good ole nose pickin’!

When we are by ourselves our life is just play packed! What else is a bird supposed to do? We’re always swinging around upside-down and in all sorts of funny pretzely like positions… You should really try it sometime, it’s a blast! As far as toys go, well, we think everything is a toy. So if it even remotely resembles something that looks fun to play with we love curiously tonguing and beaking whatever we can to see how it works. We tend to not like those who don’t appreciate how to play our games with us so you better be ready to turn your life upside-down if you wanna live a LoryLife®!

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