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We meet on the first Tuesday of every month from
at the
Serendipity Adult Day Services

3550 East 20th Ave

(We love your birds, but please don't bring them to our meetings. We usually have a bird of the month already attending. Thanks!)

Bird of the Month
December 2005

Juliet, the Mustache Keet (Psittacula Alexandri Alexandri)

Hi! My name is Juliet. Was I surprised to be selected as the ABC Bird of the month for December 2003! I am a Mustache "Keet" ( common name). My scientific name is: Psittacula Alexandri Alexandri. What a beak full to pronounce! I come from the South Pacific areas of Java, Bali and Indonesia. If I am well taken care of I can live as long as 22 years.

I am intelligent and outgoing and mutter in a rather gravelly, gargling kind of voice. I am related to the Ringnecks, but personally, I think I have a much better personality: I think am more mellow and laid back and not too loud, though I've been accused of feisty behavior. I like to eat. If you pass it by me, I will probably eat it at least once. I love to sample stuff that other birds might pass on.

I can talk rather clearly. Some think I can talk almost as well as an African Grey, but I usually don't say much unless I think it's important. It all depends upon how often I am handled on a regular basis-I can resort to being an untamed "wild child" if I am completely ignored. Then, but not all the time, I can be opinionated and sometimes stubborn.

I have no know related illnesses, but when kept by myself I need lots of companionship and lots of chew toys to keep me happy. I mature somewhere between 2 to 3 years. The breeders band on my leg says I was born in Arizona in 1990. Mustache "Keets" like to breed during the months of December and April, depending on weather and location, and I breed well in captivity.

Well, that's all that I can remember, but I hope to see you at the December meeting. Bring a graham cracker for me-I like to soak them in my water dish before I eat them. Actually, I dip just about everything I eat in water.

Au Revoir! Juliet.

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